When you need Business & Legal Documents TRANSLATED ...

What do we translate?

There are no limitations on the scale or type of any translation project we can handle for you or the language combinations we can deliver.  De Pinna have the resources to handle any translation project, so please call us to discuss any work you need.   

EXAMPLES:  Just a few examples of the documents we deal with routinely, but we handle many other documents too:
  • Websites and corporate brochures
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Annual Reports and Accounts
  • Bid and tender documents
  • Wills, codicils, grants of representation, letters of administration, testamentary instruments and other documents required for probate purposes
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
  • Writs, Court Orders and pleadings for service out of the jurisdiction
  • Legal opinions and affidavits of fact and law
We will advise and quote on the service most appropriate for your needs, which may sometimes involve notarial certification as well as arranging for apostilles at the FCO and legalisation at a Consulate as part of our One-Stop Service.  
What Our Clients Say ....

"An exceptional translation service delivering the best translations in the market, so we present our translated documents in international courts with absolute confidence. Having used De Pinna for several years on heavy international commercial litigation, we find that the courts always accept their translated version of – usually complex, detailed technical and legal documents – in preference to all others; even in some of the most difficult courts outside the UK. 

Translations are accurate, with the right terminology and tone for each situation and De Pinna manage to co-ordinate any associated legalisation and notarisation very effectively for us. They always meet our demanding deadlines and we know we can rely on them to protect the security and confidentiality of documents for our clients too.”

Juliette Levy, Cerulean Chambers
Your Translation Options
DP Professional:  Best for most routine translation work and where time is "of the essence".   You are likely to use this service for - but not limited to - official papers for record keeping, certificates and other low exposure documents.
DP Pro Plus:   Recommended when dealing with documents that are going to be published, reproduced or re-viewed many times (such as websites, application forms, annual reports and brochures) or for complex, technical documents (such as documents to be used in court, legal opinions or other advice, documents with high volume of text or highly sensitive documentation. The additional steps needed will add cost and some time to the process.
Notarial Certificates can be attached to translations of formal documents required overseas as part of our one-stop service.

The chart below explains the key steps in dealing with translations and the differences between our DP Professional and DP Pro Plus translation services. Please click on the image to download a .pdf. 

Why choose De Pinna for your translations?
Unique compliance with international standards and other credentials assure you on consistent accuracy, timescales, confidentiality and security of your - often sensitive - documents, built on best practice:

E-MAIL the documents to 

We will discuss what you have in mind; how, where and when you intend to use them.  
With no obligation or fee at this stage, we will advise you on:
  • Your translation options;
  • Timescales
  • A quote for the work - usually within 2 hours of receiving your documents.
You email or post the documents, so we see what is involved, where we can make savings for you and the format of the translated work you want to receive.
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