David Fawcett, Observations of a London Commuter Art Exhibition

David Fawcett's Contemporary Art Exhibition - London

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Thinking about early retirement
I never took Maureen's stapler without asking again
Observations of a London Commuter 

A striking and entertaining exhibition of paintings by our very own David Fawcett at the D-Contemporay Art Gallery on Grafton Street in London.  

Managing to combine contemporary fine art with wry humour, David's acclaimed work has been published and adopted in a wide variety of media over the years, most recently by Ted Baker for a special limited edition range of their accessories.  Self-taught, his paintings have been exhibited at the Royal Academy amongst others and used for greetings cards, a post card for the Royal Academy, an album, a book cover and more.

"Most of my paintings are based on my observations of people and reflect my day to day life - at home with the family, commuting to and from London, using the tube and working in an office. I often try and look for a humourous element in my paintings - a situation which can be identified with or related to. To convey this idea I have found that the title is often particularly important. If the title strikes a chord it really enhances the image. I always work in acrylic and try to paint every day if I can.  Colour harmonisation is probably the key thing I strive for in every work" - David Fawcett.

Just two examples of the many pieces of his new work on display here that should put an entertaining slant on your own experiences and observations at work and on journeys around our capital city.

You can see David's back-catalogue at www.david-fawcett.co.uk but please come along to the exhibition to give you the opportunity to fully appreciate his most recent work, all based "loosely" on his work as a Scrivener Notary around London.
23 Grafton Street

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